Mental health clinician sitting in a comfortable chair looks across the frame at a student, whose head is partially visible from behind

Learn how MIT Medical’s Student Mental Health and Counseling Services can help you. Whether you’re dealing with the common symptoms of stress or depression, have experienced a traumatic event, or are worried about a friend, colleague, or student, you’ve come to the right place.

When can we help?

We can help if:

  • You’re finding it hard to work, because you’re anxious or sad
  • You’re having trouble sleeping or concentrating, or you’re sleeping too much
  • You don’t enjoy activities you once looked forward to
  • You’re distressed about a relationship with another person
  • You’re concerned about feelings or behaviors having to do with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or other issues
  • You feel lonely, isolated, angry, or irritable
  • Talking to your friends or parents about a problem doesn't really help
  • You’re worried about a student, colleague, or friend
  • You, your living group, or your workgroup are coping with a traumatic event

We are available to any MIT students who feel stressed or troubled. It’s a sign of strength to recognize these kinds of concerns and make a plan to deal with them constructively.

We can also help if you are worried about a friend, colleague, or student.

Who can we help?

Students: Student Mental Health and Counseling services are included in your Institute fees; you will have no copay, and your health insurance will not be billed.

Employees and others: Employees and others will be referred to MyLife Services—an employee benefit for faculty, staff, postdoc associates and postdoc fellows, and family members. MyLife Services provides up to four free and confidential counseling sessions per person, per concern, with a licensed mental health professional. If you or your household member choose to continue seeing a mental health professional for an ongoing concern after those four sessions, you may use your health insurance coverage, and copayments may be required.

Call MyLife Services at 844-405-5433 for confidential assistance from a real person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additional information is available on the MyLife Services website.

How can we help?

We can provide:

  • Evaluations and consultations
  • Brief treatment (counseling/psychotherapy and medication)
  • Referrals to non-MIT Medical clinicians
  • Urgent care
  • Group counseling (learn more and view list of current groups)
  • Advice when you are worried about a friend, colleague, or student (learn more)
  • Help for departments, labs, and centers that are dealing with traumatic events, sudden losses, or other troubling situations