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Urgent Care

Use our online reservation system to reserve your place in line.

Staying healthy this winter

COVID and FLU and RSV... Oh my! How can I protect myself and my family and what should we do if someone gets sick?

Student Mental Health at MIT

Wondering what a mental health and counseling appointment is like? Want to know how to get started?


If you need a diagnostic procedure or need to see a specialist, your primary care provider will give you a referral to another provider at MIT Medical or elsewhere.

When you are sick or hurt

Not feeling well, MITers? Do you need care right away? MIT Medical is here for you. Learn about sick visits, the Urgent Care service, and the 24-hour nurse line.


Monkeypox fact sheet

MIT Medical is closely monitoring monkeypox virus cases across the US. This fact sheet includes up-to-date information on virus symptoms, vaccinations, treatments, and more.

Paxlovid: What you need to know

It happened. I tested positive for COVID-19, and I am feeling it — headache, cough, fatigue... Will Paxlovid help?

The early bird takes flight

 Longtime MIT Medical staff member Maria Bachini reflects on more than half a century of service at the Institute.