Getting care at MIT Medical/Cambridge

When you need to make an appointment at MIT Medical/Cambridge, call the service directly. If you’ll be traveling from Lexington to Cambridge, try to schedule your appointment for midday, when traffic will be relatively light.

Commonly used services in Cambridge include:

Phone numbers for other services can be found in the online directory.

Getting there

MIT Medical/Cambridge (25 Carleton Street/MIT Building 23) is easily accessible by the Lincoln Laboratory Shuttle, car, or public transportation.

  • Lincoln Laboratory Shuttle: The shuttle stops right in front of MIT Medical Cambridge with arrivals and departures every two hours. View the schedule.
  • If you drive: You may park free for up to two hours (space permitting) in the Hayward Parking lot across Carleton Street. Just tell the parking attendant you are going to MIT Medical, and be sure to have your parking slip stamped before you return to your car.
  • By public transportation: Take the Red Line to the Kendall Square MBTA stop. MIT Medical Cambridge is just steps away.