Eating Concerns


The Eating Concerns team at MIT Medical is a resource for MIT students who are struggling with issues related to food, weight, and body image. The team is comprised of:
  • Medical providers
  • Mental health providers who specialize in eating concerns
  • Psychiatry providers
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Wellness Coaches and Educators
  • Athletic Trainers at DAPER

The Eating Concerns team utilizes a collaborative approach to safely address and monitor all aspects of an individual’s health and wellness. We connect patients to services for early identification, assessment, and ongoing management, while also providing education and support.

If food-related worries, disordered eating, or concerns about body weight are disrupting your life, MIT Medical is here to help. The best way to start is to schedule an appointment with a medical provider or nutritionist at 617-253-4481. You can also contact Student Mental Health & Counseling Services to schedule an appointment with a mental health provider at 617-253-2916.

If you are concerned about someone you know, contact Student Mental Health & Counseling Services at 617-253-2916 to talk with someone about how you can help your friend get help.

E23, second and third floors
Available for telehealth visits and in-person appointments
Student Mental Health and Counseling Services: 617-253-2916

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