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Choose a PCP

When you arrive, you can choose a primary care provider (PCP) at MIT Medical. Your PCP—either a physician or a nurse practitioner—will be the clinician you see for most of your care and with whom you’ll discuss your health concerns and questions. (See “What’s a PCP?”) And don’t worry; if you change your mind about your PCP choice, it’s easy to switch.

How to choose or change your PCP

  1. Go to MIT Medical’s PCP choice page. You will see all the MIT Medical PCPs who are accepting new patients.
  2. Narrow down your choices. Use the SERVICE, LOCATIONS, GENDER, and LANGUAGE pull-downs at the top of the page to find the right PCP for you.
    • Service: If you are trying to find a PCP for yourself, choose “Primary Care.” If you are trying to find a PCP for your child, choose “Pediatrics.”
    • Locations: To get your care on campus, choose “Cambridge.”
    • Gender: Use this pull-down menu to show the gender of your PCP. If you don’t care about the gender of your PCP, leave it as “All genders.”
    • Languages: Some PCPs at MIT Medical speak other languages besides English.
    You can go back and change the settings in the pull-down menus if you don’t have enough choices.
  3. Look at your results. Once you have used the pull-down menus to find PCPs who may be right for you, take a closer look. If you want even more information about a particular PCP, just click on their name. That will open a page with more information. If you want to go back to the page with your choices, just use your browser’s back button.
  4. Make your PCP choice. When you find the PCP you want, just follow the instructions on their page.

And remember, if you change your mind about your choice, you can choose a different PCP at any time.