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Choose your plan

If you retire before turning age 65, you can select one of three options for medical coverage through MIT: the MIT Traditional Health Plan, the MIT Choice Plan, or Blue Care Elect Preferred. You can continue using one of these plans until the month before you turn 65. If you have a spouse under age 65, and/or eligible dependent children, they are eligible to be covered as well.

About MIT Traditional Health Plan

With the MIT Traditional Health Plan, you and all of your covered family members will choose primary care providers (PCPs) at MIT Medical/Cambridge or MIT Medical/Lexington at Lincoln Laboratory.

About MIT Choice Plan

The MIT Choice Plan offers flexibility if MIT Medical is not convenient for all family members. With Choice, you can choose the convenience, lower copays, and quality of care that come with having a PCP at MIT Medical, but one or more of your family members can choose PCPs from the multistate HMO Blue New England network, or use out-of-network providers subject to deductible and coinsurance.

About Blue Care Elect Preferred

Blue Care Elect Preferred is a PPO plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts that covers you and eligible family members for care at MIT Medical or anywhere else in the United States. Unlike the MIT Traditional or Choice plans, Blue Care Elect Preferred does not require that you have a PCP in New England.

If your spouse is older than 65…

If your spouse/partner is older than 65 when you retire before age 65, they will not be eligible for coverage by the MIT Traditional or Choice plans or by Blue Care Elect Preferred. However, they will have the option of enrolling in MIT's Medicare supplemental plan or Medicare HMO plan.