MIT Health Plans


Get the care you need, when you need it, by choosing one of MIT’s high-quality health plans. Designed to work seamlessly with our extensive medical services in Cambridge and Lexington, and our healthcare referral network in greater Boston, these plans offer convenience and peace-of-mind in a cost-effective package.

Choose from the following options:

For students

The MIT Student Health Insurance Plan (MIT SHIP) provides students and other eligible individuals comprehensive health coverage, including prescriptions, off-campus specialty care, and hospitalization. 

For employees

  • With the MIT Traditional Health Plan, you and all your covered family members will choose PCPs at MIT Medical in Cambridge or at Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington.
  • The MIT Choice Plan offers flexibility when MIT Medical is not convenient for all family members. With the MIT Choice Plan, you can still have the convenience, lower copays, and quality of care that come with having a primary care provider (PCP) at MIT Medical; however, one or more of your family members can choose PCPs from the multistate HMO Blue New England network, or use out-of-network providers subject to deductible and coinsurance.
  • The MIT HDHP allows participants to use the nationwide PPO Blue Cross Blue Shield network. It offers lower premiums in exchange for a deductible ($1,500 for the individual plan, $3,000 for the family plan). While the HDHP doesn’t require patients to select a PCP, we strongly recommend that all of our patients select a PCP—a single clinician who can coordinate your care.

Email addresses

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MIT students

Individuals enrolled in the MIT Student Health Insurance Plan (MIT SHIP)

Benefits-eligible members of the MIT community