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Privacy and confidentiality

MIT Medical protects your privacy. We won’t share your medical information with anyone without your permission. Here’s what you need to know about confidentiality at MIT Medical.
  • Your visits to MIT Medical and the information you share with your providers are confidential. Every aspect of every visit is kept private. Unless you give us permission, we won’t share any of your health information with your parents, professors, or friends. Rare exceptions would only be made in certain life-threatening situations. 
  • If you do want your parents involved in your care at some point, you need to let us know. Just speak with your medical provider directly, and fill out a form giving the provider permission to speak with your parents about this specific episode of care.
  • There’s no blanket permission. When you give your provider permission to speak with your parents, your provider can only discuss what you specify on the form. It doesn’t give us permission to speak with your parents again when you visit MIT Medical for a different illness or medical concern. If you want us to speak with your parents the next time, you’ll need to fill out the form again. If you want your provider to continue talking with your parents about an ongoing medical issue, you’ll need to fill out a new form every six months. 
  • If you’re on your parents’ insurance—if you’ve waived the Extended Plan, in other words—your parents may get bills for the care you receive outside of MIT Medical, including visits to specialists or prescriptions you fill at retail pharmacies. Parents get no information about services covered by the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, including visits to specialists of prescriptions filled at the MIT Pharmacy.