Mammography, radiology, and lab tests

If you have a primary care provider (PCP) at MIT Medical, you can have tests conveniently performed at our state-of-the-art facility with no copay. Read on…

Laboratory services: MIT Medical’s clinical laboratory can do tests ordered by providers at MIT Medical — including standing orders, blood panels, urinalysis, and that fasting blood cholesterol test you’ve been putting off for months. Most results are available within 24–48 hours and can be sent to healthcare providers off campus. No copay; clinical order required.

Mammography: Have your mammogram done with MIT Medical’s high-tech, digital 3D mammography system that creates a three-dimensional rendering of the entire breast. In addition to providing greater accuracy in locating abnormalities, the clarity of the image means fewer callbacks for biopsies or additional tests, since areas that might be deemed “suspicious” on a conventional mammogram can be seen as benign in 3D. Make an appointment by calling 617-253-4905. No copay; no referral required.

Other radiology services: MIT Medical’s Radiology Service can do studies ordered by clinicians at MIT Medical — including routine X-rays. Make an appointment by calling 617-253-4905. No copay; clinical order required.