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Is the MIT Affiliate Health Plan right for me?

MIT offers a health plan for affiliates that has two parts:
  1. The MIT Affiliate Medical Plan, which covers most services at MIT Medical, and
  2. The MIT Affiliate Extended Insurance Plan, which provides comprehensive coverage for serious injuries and illnesses, surgeries, and hospital stays.

If you have a plan that meets J-1 visa requirements, you probably already have comprehensive coverage, so you may not need the MIT Affiliate Extended Insurance Plan. But you should consider buying the MIT Affiliate Medical Plan. The MIT Affiliate Medical Plan does not meet J-1/J-2 visa requirements or insurance requirements for U.S. citizens, but it can be very useful as an addition to your comprehensive insurance plan.

The MIT Affiliate Medical Plan lets you use most services at MIT Medical with no copay and no additional charge. You can also buy the plan for your family members. Services you can use at MIT Medical include:

  • Primary care
  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent care
  • Basic x-ray and laboratory testing
  • Specialty care

If you buy the MIT Affiliate Medical Plan, you can get all your routine medical care right here on campus while you are here at MIT. And if you also need comprehensive coverage, take a look at the MIT Affiliate Extended Insurance Plan.