Medical Management Board

Under the authority of the Executive Committee, the MIT Medical Management Board assists and provides advice on the operation of the MIT Medical Department as a department of MIT. It also carries out, on behalf of the Institute, the regulatory oversight responsibilities pertaining to MIT Medical under Massachusetts state law and regulation.
  • Dr. Russell S. Phillips, Chair (June 30, 2025), Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care
  • Prof. Anette E. Hosoi (L) (June 30, 2025)
  • Dr. Nancy C. Andrews (June 30, 2025), Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Lora Council  (June 30, 2024), Yuvo Health
  • Dr. Mia Gore (June 30, 2025), MIT Medical
  • Ms. Richelle Nessralla, Guest, Office of the General Counsel
  • Hyun-A Park, President, Spy Pond Partners
  • Dr. David W. Randall (June 30, 2024), Dean for Student Life - Dept. Heads
  • Dr. Christina M. Rudzinski (June 30, 2025), Lincoln Laboratory
  • Mr. Glen Shor *, Office of the Executive VP and Treasurer
  • Dr. Cecilia W. Stuopis *, Office of the Executive VP and Treasurer
  • Ms. Dorianne DeLeon, Staff to Committee, MIT Medical

* Ex Officio Voting

NOTE: Date in parentheses indicates term expiration.