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With a full-service healthcare center like MIT Medical, we can take care of most of your medical needs right on campus. But sometimes you’ll need to get a diagnostic test or see a specialist outside of MIT Medical. And once you go outside of MIT Medical for services, your care is no longer covered by the MIT Student Medical Plan. Instead your comprehensive insurance coverage takes over—either the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, your parents’ insurance plan, or another comprehensive insurance plan.

If you’re covered by the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan…

When you need care outside of MIT Medical—anything from physical therapy to MRIs to hospital stays—we can help you find the right specialists and make appointments. We can also answer questions about what’s covered.

The MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan is a “preferred provider organization” or “PPO.” This means that you don’t need a referral from an MIT clinician to see a provider outside of MIT Medical. It also means that if you see a provider who participates in the PPO network, the insurance plan will cover more of the cost, so you will pay less.

But even though you don’t need a referral to see an outside clinician, it is often a good idea to get one. If you have a referral, MIT Medical’s Referral Office can help you find the right provider and book the first appointment, and your MIT Medical provider will automatically get reports from the outside facility, so they can coordinate your care and follow up as needed. 

Want to know more? Check out our Referral FAQ.