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Prescriptions coverage

If you’re enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, you may use the MIT Pharmacy to fill prescriptions from MIT Medical providers or from outside clinicians with an approved referral from an MIT Medical provider.

You may also fill prescriptions at any retail pharmacy in the Express Scripts network for the same cost. Learn more.

Benefits of using the MIT Pharmacy when you’re on campus

  • Get no-hassle refills on campus. Call 617-253-0202, day or night, and your prescription will be ready for pickup on the next business day. You can also view your medication list and submit refill requests online with HealthELife.
  • Prevent drug interactions. Our pharmacy software scans all your current medications and flags potential problems for each new prescription to minimize the possibility of side effects or drug interactions.
  • Keep your prescription history with your medical history. When you use the MIT Pharmacy, your MIT Medical providers will have a complete picture of your prescription history in your medical record, which helps them make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

NOTE: If you’re on campus and you’ve waived the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan, you may still use the MIT Medical Pharmacy to fill prescriptions from MIT clinicians, but you will most likely have to pay full price for your medication and submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurer. Alternatively, you can fill your prescriptions at any local retail pharmacy that accepts your insurer’s prescription plan.

Still have questions? See our Pharmacy FAQ.