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Making Changes to Your Coverage

Open enrollment periods

You may make changes to your coverage and add family members to your insurance plan during open enrollment periods or when a “qualifying event” occurs.

Open enrollment periods occur twice every year:

  • FALL: July 15–August 15*: Buy family coverage for the full academic year (September 1–August 31)
  • SPRING: December 10–January 10*: Buy family coverage for the spring term (February 1–August 31)

Insurance coverage under the Student Extended Insurance Plan begins on September 1, 2022. MIT will not enroll new students into Extended Plan coverage during the month of August. If you are a new student arriving early, other options are available at healthcare.gov

*Dates subject to change.

About qualifying events

Outside of open enrollment periods, you may make changes to your coverage only if a “qualifying event” occurs. For example, if you have been covered under a parent’s insurance plan, and that parent loses their job and insurance coverage, you may enroll in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan without waiting until the next open enrollment period. You must submit a Petition to Add Extended Plan coverage within 60 days of losing your previous insurance coverage. 

You will also be required to submit a letter from the insurer stating that your insurance coverage has been terminated and giving the effective date. Arriving on campus or leaving campus to study remotely are also qualifying events that allow you to add or drop Extended Plan coverage. 

Read more about qualifying events.