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Wellness Benefits

Members of all three employee health plans—the MIT Traditional Health Plan, MIT Choice Plan, and MIT High Deductible Health Plan—are eligible for two Blue Cross wellness benefits:

Fitness reimbursement

You may receive an annual $150 reimbursement per family for qualified health club membership fees. Membership at most health clubs that have a variety of cardiovascular and strength training exercise equipment qualifies you for this benefit. Get the details and download the fitness reimbursement form.

Weight-loss reimbursement

You are eligible, up to $150 per family, for reimbursement of expenses related to participation in qualified weight-loss programs. Qualified programs consist of Weight Watchers meetings, Weight Watchers at Work, and hospital-based weight-loss programs. Get the details and download the weight-loss reimbursement form.

Community Wellness Classes

Certain Community Wellness classes may be eligible for the fitness reimbursement or the weight-loss reimbursement available to members of employee-offered MIT health plans. To find out if a particular class qualifies, call Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Services at 1-800-882-1093.