With a full-service healthcare center like MIT Medical, we can take care of most of your medical needs at our Cambridge and Lexington facilities. But sometimes a provider will recommend that you see a specialist outside of MIT Medical. Maybe you need a diagnostic test like an MRI. Or some physical therapy to work back from an injury. That’s when our referral process kicks in.

How Does It Work?

The referral process begins when your MIT Medical clinician tells you that they are submitting a referral request for you to receive services outside of MIT Medical. Your clinician may refer you to a specific outside clinician or facility, or you may need to work with MIT Medical’s Referral Office to identify an appropriate in-network provider and make your first appointment. You can either stop by the Referral Office on the third floor of MIT Medical, or they will give you a call you to set things up.

In order for outside services to be covered for employees and family members covered by the MIT Traditional or Choice plans, the MIT Health Plans Office must approve the clinician’s referral request. Outside services we cover regularly, including most diagnostic tests with in-network providers, are routinely approved within two business days. You should receive a letter with the decision within seven to 10 business days. If you don’t receive this letter before your first scheduled appointment with an outside provider, call the Referral Office at 617-253-0170 to confirm that the referral has gone through.

Employees and family members covered by the MIT High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) do not need referrals to be covered for outside services, but MIT Medical’s Referral Office can help those patients identify appropriate providers within the nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

Making Your Appointment

In the case of diagnostic tests, such as MRIs or colonoscopies, MIT Medical’s Referral Office will work with you to schedule your appointment at a convenient time. For other types of outside services, the Referral Office can help you identify in-network providers and make appointments. Or you can schedule those appointments yourself, and then contact the Referral Office to let them know the provider’s name and the date of your first appointment.

Want to know more? Check out our Referral FAQ.