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How do I pay for insurance? How do I pay for services?

After you retire, MIT may subsidize the monthly cost of your Medicare supplemental insurance plan or your Medicare HMO plan. The amount of the subsidy depends on how long you have worked at MIT. To learn more about the full monthly cost, visit Retiree Health Plans.

If you draw a pension from MIT when you retire, your Medicare supplemental insurance plan premium or Medicare HMO premium will be deducted from your pension check. If your monthly premium exceeds your pension benefit, or if you do not receive a pension from MIT, you will be billed directly. 

Payment for Services

Unless you have selected a Medicare HMO for your coverage, Medicare will pay for 80 percent of all covered services and will bill your supplemental insurance for the balance of what is owed. You receive no bills other than your insurance premiums and Medicare deductibles. If you have a Medicare HMO, you may also be responsible for copays and deductibles beyond your Medicare deductible.

Remember, if you receive a service that is not covered by Medicare, you will be billed for 100 percent of the charges for that service, and you will have to pay the entire cost out of pocket. In addition, MIT Medical does not participate with any Medicare HMO plans. If you have selected a Medicare HMO for your coverage, you will be charged in full for any services you receive at MIT Medical.

Dental Insurance

The Retiree Dental Plan is administered through a third-party vendor. You will be billed directly for your dental coverage, even if you receive an MIT pension.