MIT Graduate Student Dental Plan

About the MIT Graduate Student Dental Plan 

The MIT Graduate Student Dental Plan is available to all MIT graduate students enrolled in a degree-granting program. The dental plan is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and is separate from the MIT Student Health Insurance Plan (MIT SHIP). 

You are not automatically enrolled in the dental plan. If you want dental coverage, you must enroll during the annual enrollment period or have a qualifying event. The dental coverage plan year lasts from September 1, 2023–August 31, 2024. 

What does the plan cover? 

The plan offers full coverage of routine diagnostic and preventative services once every six months, including emergency exams and periodic X-rays.  

Other dental services, such as fillings (composite or silver) and root canal therapy are covered at 80 percent after a $50 deductible.  

For complete coverage details, visit the Summary of Benefits

How much does the plan cost?

Premiums for the 2023-24 plan year are:

  • Full Year (September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024)

    • Individuals: $570.72 per year; Families: $1,443.48 per year  

  • Fall Term Only (September 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024)

    • Individuals: $237.80; Families: $601.45 

  • Spring Term Only (February 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024)

    • Individuals: $332.92; Families: $842.03 

  • Summer Term Only (June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024)

    • Individuals: $142.68; Families: $360.87 

Some graduate students may be eligible for subsidies to cover a portion of the individual dental premiums.

Note: The family rate is the same whether you choose to enroll only your spouse/partner, only your child(ren), or all of your eligible family members. The cost is also the same regardless of the number of children enrolled. 

How do I enroll? 

During Open Enrollment, MIT graduate students can enroll themselves and eligible family members in the dental plan through the Gallagher Student Health website.  

For more information, visit the Graduate Student Dental Plan FAQ.