Maureen O. Rezendes, Ph.D.




Pronouns She/her/hers

Services Student Mental Health & Counseling Services

Location Cambridge

Language English, Azorean Portuguese

Phone 617-253-2916

Education & Interests

University mental health, academic/learning challenges, dissertation/thesis woes, first-generation, bridging cultures
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. 1993, A.M. 1989; Harvard-Radcliffe College, A.B. 1983
McLean Hospital, 1994-1995
Postdoctoral Fellowship, MIT Mental Health Service, 1995-1997; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, 1995-1996
Health Services Provider
Magna Cum Laude, Psychology, Harvard-Radcliffe College, 1983
Adjunct Lecturer, Introductory Psychology, Merrimack College;  Adjunct Lecturer, Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Statistics/Research, Harvard University Extension School
Landscaping, playing the violin, baking, kickboxing

Managing life happening events can be eased by reminding yourself to remain connected to interests outside of academics, people who care about you, while maintaining a foundation of self-care.

—Maureen O. Rezendes, Psychologist