FAQ: Qualifying events — adding coverage outside of Open Enrollment

Can I enroll in MIT SHIP later in the school year — outside of the open enrollment period?

Yes, but ONLY if you have lost your previous insurance coverage within the past 30 days. This could happen, for example, because you turned 26 and are no longer eligible to be covered under your parent’s plan or because your spouse or parent lost their job and insurance coverage.

Can I enroll my family members (“dependents”) later in the school year, outside of the open enrollment period?

Yes, but ONLY if one of these qualifying events occurs:

  • You get married, and you want to add your new spouse.
  • You have a child, and you want to add that new child.
  • Your family member enters the country for the first time, and you want to add that family member.
  • Your family member loses coverage under another insurance plan, and you want to add that family member.

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How can I enroll myself or family members in MIT SHIP due to a qualifying event?

You will need to submit a “Petition to add” along with supporting documentation.

Students can do this through the  Gallagher Student Health website. Other eligible individuals must complete the enrollment process that is appropriate for their eligibility status. Details are on the Enrollment page.

Note: You must meet a deadline for submitting your Petition to Add request. In most cases, you must submit the Petition to Add with supporting documentation within 30 days of the qualifying event. If your family member lost their insurance coverage, you have 60 days. If you miss the deadline, your request will not be processed.

What happens after I submit a Petition to Add request?

We’ll review your request to make sure you or your family members are eligible to enroll in MIT SHIP. If approved, your coverage will start on the date of the qualifying event, so you will have no break in coverage.

Will the premium be prorated?

Yes, the premium you pay will be prorated on a monthly basis determined by the date your coverage begins.