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FAQ: Family Members

Are my family members eligible to enroll?

Yes. Your eligible family members (or “dependents”) may include your spouse or “spousal equivalent” (a same-sex or opposite-sex partner you have lived with for at least four months) and your children up to 26 years of age.

There are several rules about enrolling family members:

  • You must provide documentation to prove that your family members are eligible.
  • You must purchase your family members’ insurance for the same time period as your own coverage.
  • If you waive MIT SHIP coverage for yourself, you cannot buy MIT SHIP coverage for your family members.

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How do I enroll my family members (or “dependents”)?

Students may enroll their family members through the  Gallagher Student Health website. Other eligible individuals must complete the enrollment process that is appropriate for their eligibility status. Details are on the Enrollment page.

When should I enroll my family members?

  • During the open enrollment period, you can enroll your family members as soon as your own enrollment is complete.
  • Outside of the open enrollment period, you can enroll your family members ONLY in the case of a “qualifying event.” Learn more.

If I’m not enrolled in MIT SHIP, can I still buy MIT SHIP coverage for my family members?

No, you only can buy MIT SHIP coverage for your dependents if you are also enrolled.