Can I get healthcare services at MIT Medical?

If you are a retiree over 65, your primary health insurance comes from Medicare Parts A (hospital) and B (medical). You probably also have the MIT-sponsored Medicare supplemental plan to help offset the healthcare costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, or perhaps you signed up for a Medicare HMO.

With Medicare and a Medicare supplemental plan, you do not need to choose a PCP, but you can continue to see the same MIT Medical providers you saw when you were covered by one of the MIT-sponsored employee health plans. But you are not required to get your care at MIT. If it is easier and more convenient for you to see a Medicare-participating provider elsewhere, you can do that without incurring penalties or “out-of-network” surcharges. 

If you have selected a Medicare HMO as your coverage, you are not covered to receive services at MIT Medical. Because MIT Medical does not participate with any Medicare HMO plans, you will be charged in full for any services you receive at MIT Medical.

Visit MIT Benefits for more information about health plan options for retirees over age 65.

Available services at MIT Medical

With Medicare—but not with a Medicare HMO—you still have access to all the MIT Medical services that were available to you when you were covered by one of the MIT-sponsored employee health plans. These include routine physical exams, eye exams, immunizations, primary care, urgent care in Cambridge, and more. Learn about Medicare coverage for services at MIT Medical.

Wellness Benefits

All MIT retirees, regardless of insurance coverage, are eligible to access all of the health and wellness services available to the entire MIT community, including classes sponsored by Community Wellness at MIT Medical. Cost varies by class.